Best Ice Fishing Boots 2017

In search for the best ice fishing boots? This article will throw light on various factors to consider before you buy the ice fishing boots that suits you. We will discuss all the top brands which provide the quality ice fishing boots. All pros and cons will be drilled down as per your requirement. We are committed to provide the honest reviews of these kind of boots so that you can easily choose the best.

Best 4 Ice Fishing Boots Comparison Chart

Top 4 Ice Fishing Boots Reviews

Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot

top quality baffin boots for ice fishing

The Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Bootsare designed to deal with deep snow and frigid temperatures. If you live either in snow pounding place or love to venture out in places with lots of snow, these are a perfect fit. It comes with deep traction rubber out sole so it can negotiate slippery surfaces common in snow ground. With its multi-layer foam protection, one can keep clunky, sloppy feet problems at bay and keep their feet dry and comfortable.


  • It comes with a bungee toggle snow collar to prevent winter incursion and strong cold insulation.
  • It features a windproof nylon upper with double buckles.
  • The rubber base has been completely tested and made using a compound designed to stay bendable and not crack even in the coldest conditions that may be harshest, too.
  • Shock-absorbing GelFlex mid soles absorb shocks and stay flexible in extreme cold, and the Polar Rubber out sole works perfectly well with deep snow and icy land.
  • The biggest attraction is multi-layer foam based removable inner boot. Foam acts as an excellent insulator, but also snugly fits the foot.


  • It may be ordered with suede or leather around the instep/ankle area.
  • Eight-layer inner boot system with ThermaPlush insulation rated to -148 degrees F.
  • The double buckle closure ensures a perfect and snug fit.
  • The drawstring prevents blowing cold air and snow from entering the shoe.


  • The size may be big for some and impact normal stride.


The top Baffin boots for ice fishing Boots are a definite buy for those who come across snow a lot. If walking and working outdoors in the snow is your problem, these shows will provide a solution. Take them on and off in the blink of an eye with the buckle that ensures a good fit, too.

Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

best boots for ice fishing

The top notch Ice Fishing Boots are used by anglers to fish when the lakes and rivers freeze and the only way to get the catch is to tread on the icy and snowy ground. This kind of situation demands boots that help you walk firmly on the ground without making your feet wet and cold for long hours outdoor.

Kamik is an Inuit word that means ‘foot covering. It has been in existence for last 100 years and they have brought affordable ice fishing boots, Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot. Designed to work in frigid temperatures and snow, these are rated to -40° Fahrenheit. The boots are lightweight and yet sturdy and durable that’s way it is called as the best ice fishing boots.


  • These boots are made in the USA and imported, yet affordably priced.
  • The shaft measures around 13″ from arch which means it’ll be difficult for snow to enter the boots when walking through snowy terrain.
  • Around 20” opening of the boot helps in wearing the boots without much efforts.
  • With waterproof upper, it features removable 8 mm thermalguard liner & strap that’s hook-and-loop.
  • There is a drawstring at top line to prevent heat and snow getting in the boots.
  • The boots weigh 2 pounds 4 ounces that will make you feel their sturdiness.
  • There is removable Thermal Guard moisture-wicking lining.


  • The boot fits snugly and keeps the foot warm.
  • Snow collar prevents snow from getting inside the boots.
  • The sole is durable and flexible for walking or all kind of activities through the snow.
  • It’s waterproof and does not let the dampness entering from the sole.


  • The boots run a bit narrow and could be a problem for people with wide feet.


Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boots are perfect for activities in winter season with snow all around. You can do shoveling sledding, walk and run and of course ice fishing with these boots on. They will keep your foot warm despite the sub-zero temperature outside. Probably, the best rated ice fishing boot for cold weather get with an affordable price, the Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold Weather are a solid investment.

Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

top selling ice fishing boots

Sorel Men’s Conquest good ice fishing boots which come with excellent insulation support to work in cold, snowy temperatures as low as -40°F. It is built with waterproof leather to last long in rugged cold seasons and keeps your foot warm and dry away from damp. The rugged rubber sole with lugs holds the ground well and provides perfect traction on slippery conditions on snow. The Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot is warm, comfortable and keep your feet protected during extremely cold weather situations.


  • For superior protection, it comes with waterproof full-grain leather uppers that sit on top of handcrafted waterproof shells.
  • The built-in gaiters help to keep out snow with drawstring collars with barrel-lock closures. Also, the seam-sealed construction reduces leakage.
  • For warmth without taking lots of space, it comes with insulated 400g Thinsulate® Ultra Insulation polyester fibers.
  • For comfortable underfoot and to improve thermal protection, Molded EVA mid soles are used.
  • The steel shanks improve support and stiffness and Achilles adjustment straps for perfect fit.
  • The multi directional rubber lugs on the sole to improve traction on slippery surfaces.
  • The shaft measures around 8″ from the arch.


  • The boots are waterproof made of full-grain leather.
  • Enhanced traction on snow surface with a multi directional rubber sole lugs.
  • It keeps the foot warm, dry and safe from the cold temperatures outside.
  • It can withstand -40 degrees F temperatures.


  • The boots are bit bulky and may be uncomfortable for long trail hiking.


Sorel Men’s Conquest Boots are great for people who spend a lot of time working on the snowy surface or with snow few inches deep. These are also perfect for keeping the warm in and the cold out. Insulation technique used works well to keep foot warm inside comfortably at uncomfortable temperatures outside.

The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

best cheapest ice fishing boots

MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot is an amazing shoe for rain, snow, muck and all the outdoor activities. Undoubtedly, the boots are waterproof and well insulated to keep water, damp and cold getting inside them. It will keep your feet warm and dry with a tall boot shaft that offers added protection in the drifts.


  • The boots are amazingly durable and 100% waterproof as they are built with 5mm neoprene uppers. That doesn’t mean they are not breathable; the inside Air mesh lining takes care of it.
  • The boots come with a rubber out sole that offers a sole that provides perfect grip with large mud-shedding lugs and a toe protection bumper that’s able to last through tough conditions.
  • The boot shaft measures around 14.5″ from the arch and interestingly they roll down to a mid height.
  • The boots come with a comfort range of -40° F to 60°F to work in cold temperature with dampness outside.
  • For added warmth, the 2mm thermal foam underlay has been added to the instep area.


  • Up to the top, the excellent ice fishing boots are waterproof to keep your feet dry.
  • Molded, rubber out sole provides enhanced protection and stability.
  • It’s lightweight and flexible due to the material used to built it.
  • Reinforced twice on the instep, heel and Achilles area for maximum comfort.
  • Provides amazing traction on the wet and slippery


  • The boots are not very stylish.


The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot considered as the top rated ice fishing boots that money can buy. They protect your feet in cold temperatures while keeping cold, water and muck away from getting inside the boots. You won’t have to worry about getting numb feet while shoveling snow out in the cold during winters these  boots will keep your feet comfortable and warm in extreme cold conditions.

Features of Best Ice Fishing Boots

  • Waterproof – The most important feature in the most recommended fishing boots is being waterproof. The upper and base need to be waterproof to keep the interior of the boots dry and warm even in extreme cold weather.
  • Traction – The out sole in most of the ice-fishing boots is made of rubber. However, rubber lugs provided added grip and traction to the boots preventing slipping of the foot on the ice.
  • Insulation – Keeping the temperature in mind, you should ensure that the boots are well insulated with the required material to keep your feet warm and comfortable. It’s impossible to walk or run with numb feet on any ground, let alone icy surface.
  • Lightweight and Durable – The boots need to be lightweight and at the same time durable and sturdy. If the boots are not lightweight, it may be difficult to walk for long hours and you will get tired easily. You wouldn’t like to feel as if you are walking with weights on your feet.
  • EVA cushioned mid sole – The mid sole needs to be well cushioned to make you feet feel comfortable while walking or hiking for longer duration. The EVA cushion does not let the feet hurt and you can cover long distance without much fatigue and stress.

Tips to Consider before buying the Best Ice Fishing Boots 

  • Insulation – An insulated pair of boots are a must for ice fishing. It prevents the cold from getting inside the shoe making your feet numb and in worst-case scenarios cause frostbite. Since the ice fishing boots are only worn when the temperatures hit sub zero, well-insulated boots are the need of the hour.
  • Waterproof – The boots need to be made of a waterproof material on the upper and lower. The water can enter from either side making your boot soggy and feet cold and numb. Just water resistant material of boot won’t give you the required protection. No one would like to walk with a wet foot and that too in cold season when water can also have the potential to damage your boots from inside and leads to growing of bacteria inside.
  • Traction – The lugged rubber out sole, spikes and teeth provide the much-needed traction on the icy surface. Better traction not only keeps you on your feet but also makes for better walking for long distances. Traction is important because ice under the sole keeps melting and thus reduces friction between the boots and the surface.
  • Removable Liners – When choosing the ice fishing boots, the liners are useful in speeding up the drying time of your boots, especially ideal if you are going for the trip for several days.
  • Size – The size may vary with different brands. Owing to the fact that you may have to wear thick socks, you should consider buying half a number up a size. It also depends on your feet that may get sweaty in a little warmth and therefore, you may want to wear regular socks. Therefore, depending on the need of your feet, you should buy the size that fits perfectly well.


It is advisable to choose the Ice Fishing Boots as per the features and outdoor condition you want them to use. It may not be easy to find stylish boots since it’s hard to find boots that combine both the style and the functionality. Nonetheless, you can find the one you are looking for keeping the tips in mind. Make sure you do not compromise feature and quality for the style.

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