Care For Your Work Boots

Work boots are indeed tough and durable and meant to last for months, if not years, depending on the work environment that it has to encounter. However, with a bit of care, attention of a few minutes every month to your boots, can keep them intact and last them for the even longer period.

Break in slowly

Some boots can be wornstraight to work from the very first day you get them, and some require a break in period to make them wearable.You need to use them lightly before you wear them for work. If you forcefully rush the process, not only will you hurt your feet, but also damage your shoes to a great extent.

Water Based Water Proofing

Use water based products to help your boots breathe, by repelling the water from outside and letting the sweat evaporate from inside. As you use water based waterproofing products, there will be no chance that the petroleum-like products will stretch the leather. Moreover, they do not catch dirt and are very effective in increasing the waterproofing property. The results can be achieved after three coats of this product that needs to be applied in a gap of 2 weeks.

Usual Cleaning

  • Scrub the boots at every weekend
  • Use a nylon brush and a water-based cleaning agent to clean leather
  • Use a pencil eraser to clean suede
  • You can use a low pH shampoo to clean the inside of the boot.

You can also use a conditioner to keep the leather or suede hydrated, after cleaning it. I apply conditioner once in every two months. Make sure you choose the right conditioner for your boots that clearly recommends usage on leatheror suede.

Removing scratches

Application of conditioner cannot ensure or guarantee scratchproof boots. When my boots get scratches, I use these techniques to remove them. But then, of course, you should know that the scratches cannot be completely removed.

  • Clean the boots and buff the scratch with polish.
  • Coat with liquid silicone.
  • Clean and condition the boots. Press the parts of the boots that have lifted due to scratches.
  • Apply some more conditioner.
  • Use white vinegar to compress the scratch as it closes up leather.
  • Apply polish.
  • Clean the boot with a pencil eraser.
  • Buff the scratch with a toothbrush.
  • Condition the scratch with a conditioner.


Regardless of how expensive a pair of shoes you buy, the soles will be worn off with time. This is because of repeatedly stepping on something. If you want to remove them, you have to remove the boots. However, if you replace them with insoles, you can increase the life of your soles and continue wearing the boots for long.

The work boots are intended to be worn in the workplaces. If you wear the boots like me, even on weekends, the boots don’t get any rest. Wear them only when you need to wear them.

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