Chippewa Men’s Rugged Handcrafted Work Boot Reviews

The Chippewa Company was first established in the year 1901. Hence, you can safely say that the company has been around for a long, long time. But it was only in 2016 that I finally bought my first pair of Chippewa Company shoes. Basically, I bought them because of their handcrafted leather option. The shoe looked so fabulous that you could go out for a drink with it at a posh restaurant. However, I was also duly surprised with this ability to also work as a top rated work boot, of course without the safety toes.

The comfort levels

In the break in section, the shoe did not perform well early on. It was quite painful to wear it initially. All in all, I would say it took me 2 weeks to break into one of these shoes. This is because of all the hard materials that are used in making the shoe. But once you are in, you will feel that the removable cushion has been well designed, and the collar is quite tender.The boot actually runs a little longer than the traditional sizes, so you must order it one size down. The heel of the shoes is also high heel,and I like that part, but maybe you might not accept it.

Safety and protection

Chippewa Company did not make the Chippewa Men’s Rugged Handcrafted as a work boot and hence technically it is not one. It does not have a Steel toe, nor it has a puncture resistance, and it does not have electrical hazard safety protection too. However, it does possess Vibram anti-slip sole. If you want to use it as a work boot, then proceed with caution.

Critical Reviews

This particular boot will not work in the rain or in the snow. It might sustain occasional showers, but it won’t be able to endure heavy rains. However in terms of insulation, the Chippewa Men’s Rugged Handcrafted Work Boot scores quite well. It would provide you warmth when the temperatures are at sub zeros. However on the flip side, it won’t work well in during summers.

Technically speaking, this is the main strong point of the Chippewa Men’s Rugged Handcrafted Work Boot. The company markets the boots as Chocolate Apache but to me, they are simply brown boots. Out of the box, the shoe actually looked casual and had a very rugged look as it also possessed the American flag at the bottom of the lace. The orange line at the bottom of the shoe did not look good, but they went away after a couple of weeks of usage.

It’s been 3 months, and apart from scratches and scuffs, the boots are as good as new. Living to the company’s reputation, I can easily say that it would last for a couple of years at least. 500 reviews on Amazon have generated 4.5 stars out of the maximum 5 stars for the shoe. The users have appreciated the rugged looks of the shoes.But some users were apprehensive about the durability and considering the high price— that’s disappointing.

The final word

Three reasons why you should not buy the shoes are as follows; it’s expensive, other alternates have steel toes and the durability is not rocked solid. If you have the money to spend, then you can use the Chocolate Apache, as, in terms of comfort and style it’s absolutely immaculate.

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