Danner Men’s Bull Run Work Boot Reviews

If the high price is not a matter of much concern for you and if you are looking for high-quality leather, then this is the boot that you should consider. Although Danner is not a very highly recommended brand, it offers the best quality leather you can ask for at a high price of $180. Whether it is comfortable or durable or not, is discussed here in this review.


These boots require a good deal of break in period as they are very tough. I wore them every evening for about a week to make them comfortable and then I wore them to work.

This wait is worth the comfort that you will get after the break in period. Many customers complain that they struggled with the fit, but the one that I bought, fit perfectly. Even unexpectedly, I found that the sole offers shock absorption. Hence, you can wear them even for long working hours. Even the weight is very minimal, and this makes it even more comfortable.


Although there is a steel toe version of the Bull Run, I haven’t tried it. The only safety measure is the protection from electrical hazards. It is not slip resistant either on water or on oil. In fact, it is also not meant for climbing ladders as there is no heel on the boot.

Critical Reviews

If you want to wear them while working indoors, they are great. But for outdoors, especially during winters, they are absolutely not recommended. Neither will you get any insulation because of the airy construct, nor is it waterproof.

There is a dilemma about its style that I am going through. The leather is just amazing and really goes well with anything because of the colour and texture. In fact, the small American flag is also quite a stylish rendition on the boot. But the sole is too bright and too thick and also the light colour is too difficult to maintain.

While I wrote this review, I found and went through about hundreds of reviews of customers regarding the Bull Run from Danner. The reviews gave it an average of 4.3 stars rating out of 5 stars. The reviews have unanimously focussed on the positive aspect of the great leather finish while the negative review has highlighted the toughness and the long break in period that is required by this boot. However, what matters, a lot is that none of the reviews complained about the durability. Since it is quite a huge price that you are paying for these boots, you would look for the durability.


The first problem that I find in the Danner Bull Run is its huge price. And it is also not very safe to wear as there is no protection from potential damages to your feet, apart from electrical hazards. But I suppose durability is something that you can expect as per reviews though I haven’t worn them for long. However, if it is style and comfort that you are looking for, you can certainly choose this one.

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