Destin Low Work Boot Reviews

I am a huge fan of Keen, as they make good quality and comfortable shoes at reasonable price tags.

So, today we are here to talk about the Keen’s Destin Low Work Shoe. This low cut shoe gives no ankle safety but comes with a full steel toe. Hence, it’s perfect for people who like to adhere to safety laws but hate lugging with a heavy pair of boots.

Comfort levels

Before we begin, let me declare that I mostly trade with work boots which are twice as weight as the Destin Low Work Shoe. Hence, there might be some prejudice in my views. However, at first, glance, the Destin Low Work Shoe did impress me.

They slip in and out with a slight tug. It’s quite a big convenience after a 10 hr shift. The steel toe makes the boot a bit heavy, but that’s natural. However, I did not like the sole, as it was quite thin in my humble opinion. But, this did make the shoe quite flexible but sans the arch support or impact protection.

The foot’s bed is detachable and so adding depth to it is easy. But if you work continuously on hard surfaces, then you can opt for something else. In terms of comfort, they uphold Keen’s good legacy.

Protection and safety

Ankle protection is not there, so watch out for nails. The steel toe is good, and so are the non-slippery soles. So, if your workplace is free from sharp objects, then these Destin Low Work Shoes are perfect.

Styling and design

When I first saw the shoe, the Keen Company’s name and the styling caught my eyes. I took home the brown colour so that I could wear them on the weekends too. And, they do go well with anything! The Keen logo also sets in perfectly. The shoe is also available in theformal black shade.

Longevity and Durability

With a month’s worth of use, the experience has been quite good so far. The quality and built are good and till date, I can report, no negative review has been put against the durability of the shoes by the users. These shoes can easily last a whole year.

Reputation and reviews

The reviews of the Destin Low Work Shoe are quite positive over the internet. However, not everyone was happy with it. Whilst I write this, 50 reviewers have given Destin Low Work Shoe 4.2 stars out of the maximum 5. The comfort and the quality of the shoe were appreciated. The thin sole got all the negative feedback, as well as poor fitting. In my opinion fitting was good, but yes sole was an issue.

The final word

The thin sole pulls my love back for the Destin Low Work Shoe. It is quite difficult to spot a stylish shoe with a low-cut and a steel toe. The built quality is also excellent. However, before purchasing do take a thorough trail. I am keeping mine, as I like it, and as it fits well too!

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