Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boot Reviews

I’ve always liked the Keen Boot Company. I believe they make boots which are durable, stylish, and also comfortable. And these are all the factors that you’d need and expect from a good quality shoe. So, today we’re going to review the company’s Milwaukee 6 inch Steel toe. Going by the boot’s name,the product itself is quite rugged and tough looking.

Comfort levels

Just like any other Keen Boot, the Milwaukee also feels great when you try them on for the first time. There is absolutely no need for a break in period. In this particular Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boot, the shoe has a snug fit, and it also possesses a detachable dual density EVA foot bed, which can provide you with the all important impact safe protection. However with the weight of 2.6 pounds, the shoe is a tad on the heavier side.

You can either select steel or a soft toe variant of the Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boot. The steel one is just a bit heavy; however both the variants come with the fabulous slip resistance sole and are covered with electrical hazard safety protection. But sadly both the shoes variants don’t come with puncture resistant and avoiding soles.

Critical Reviews

With just a single look you will understand that the Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boots are designed for the rough weather. The ‘top tech’ allows the shoe to be pretty much bullet proof. The waterproofing on the Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boot is excellent and during a rainy day, it can totally live up to the mark. The insulation levels are also good. It would keep your legs warm in the cold but using it with light socks would be advisable during the summers.

After months of use, I could still say that my Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boots look just like new to me. The build quality looks good however this facility only comes with the Steel toe version. Many people have criticized the build quality of the soft toe version. There might be some kind of design defect also.

The Steel toe version of the shoe has got all the accolades, unlike the soft toe version. In hundred reviews the steel variant has gained around 4.4 stars out of the maximum 5. The people and the users have loved its comfort levels and the lack of break in period. However, the users have mentioned disadvantage about the shoe’s heavyweight.

The final world

If you are looking for a comfortable, insulated and stylish work boot, then the Keen Company’s Milwaukee can be your automatic choice. However with the price tag of 150 dollars, you may be overspending a bit. Still thanks to the build quality of the Steel toe variant, the money might be well spent after all.

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