Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe Reviews

If you are not working in an environment that is threatening to your feet, the slip-on shoes are the best choice for you. They are stylish, light and quite appropriate for long working shifts. I find the PTC slip-on shoes by Keen quite stylish. But if you are not confident about the comfort and feel, read my review.


The first impression regarding these shoes and its comfort level that I had was, “I wish I could wear them to work.” Although it is made up of tough leather, there is no break in period. I am personally tired of the 6” boots that I regularly wear to my workplace, and the slip-on design is a huge relief.

A combination of the Keen quality EVA midsole and the low weight makes these shoes perfect for long work hours. Made up of polyurethane and memory foam, these soles have always given me great comfort, and they are also removable. If you have to walk on hard surfaces, it is the best you can choose. The upper is also minimal, and the light cushioning around the collar and use of breathable leather make it very comfortable. Although I can’t wear them to work because of my working environment, I wear them during long walks on weekends. The comfort of these shoes is unmatched.


The safety features can be faulted as the Keen PTC slip-on shoes do not have any ankle protection and steel toe. The only protection that they assure is a no-slip sole. I have tested them as per the ASTM standards, and they are absolutely safe to walk on oil and water surfaces. The only thing that I did not have access to is ice, and hence, I cannot review on that.

Critical Reviews

The upper of these shoes is waterproof and hence, your feet won’t get wet due to the odd puddle. However, they are not at all rain proof as they are very low in height. Moreover, you cannot expect any insulation from them. You can wear them in a warm climate or indoors. As you take them out of the box, you will find them looking just like any other formal shoes that are suitable for any work environment. The distinctive curves on the sides and the Keen logo just above that look very stylish.

Amongst the many Keen boots and shoes that I have owned, this is the one that I have worn for the least number of times. However, the durability that Keen ensures is not available with any other such mid-price range manufacturer. The 200 reviews give these shoes about 4.3 stars out of 5. The only complaints are associated with durability and sizing.


I would recommend these shoes to everyone although many are suspicious that these shoes would fall apart from their feet. The fact is that they are very comfortable and can be worn for long work hours. The right amount of style makes these shoes very much appropriate for any formal environment.

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