Merrell Men’s Jungle Work Boots Reviews

Over the Internet, there are plenty of choices when it comes to the section of work boots. If there is any type of work related danger or hazard that you have to endure, then there is subsequently a boot there which can protect you from it. One certain work shoes that always crops up, whether you like it or not, are the low cut or the cut below the ankle shoes.

Most of these shoes are quite inexpensive and are subsequently made with bad built quality. However when I saw the Merrell Men’s Jungle shoes, my opinion changed completely.

Comfort Level

I like wearing hi cut boots, so the first thing that impressed me about the Merrell Men’s Jungle was that how easily you could put it on and then get it off. The process was very simple, and if you work long hours, then this is the one convenience that you would love to have. The break in period on the shoe was also so much low, at maximum a day or 2.

The raised heel, along with the high quality and the heavy duty midsole, are the two things which are the USP of the shoe. The company is advertising the midsole as an air cushion, but the encouraging thing is that it works. You can wear this particular shoe for 10 hours straight without any problem.

The safety factor

 The Men’s jungle shoes’ grip is a non-slippery sole. On testing the Merrell Men’s Jungle on various surfaces, including wet conditions, the shoe stood up well and performed exceptionally. However keep in mind I had bought the ‘Progrip’ version of the product. So I can’t speak for rest of the variants. The protection and the extra cover on the shoe are also very neat and immaculate. However, the Merrell Men’s Jungle shoe is quite vulnerable to punctures from free nails and heavy objects.

The styling and design

The Merrell Men’s Jungle shoe comes in one single color which is black, actually pitch black.This makes the product nondescript, and it actually fits in well with all types of environment and scenarios. The shape of the shoe is also very stylish and decent, but not breathtaking. Hence, overall, if you are looking for something more appealing then you might give this product a miss.

Durability and longevity

In the two weeks of using the Merrell Men’s Jungle, I have still been able to decide about the durability. The Merrell brand is quite reputable, and the 4.4 worth of stars out of the maximum 5 on Amazon does speak a lot about the built quality itself.

The final word

The Merrell Men’s Jungle is a product that can’t cater to everyone, but if you work for long hours at a relatively secure and safe space, then it’s a perfect product for you. The black color and the light weight stand out from the other options. But more importantly, a straight 10 hours stint on them won’t give you the pain, which is what you’d need.

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