Timberland Men’s Powerwelt Reviews

The Timberland Company is renowned for providing quality in all their products. However, the company lacks in one department and unfortunately that department is styling. Most Timberland products are plainly boring and drab.

The company has a knack of making comfortable shoes. But they lack the X factor because of the looks, or rather the lack of it. With the Timberland Men’s Powerwelt, however, the company has tried to make amends. Needless to say, the product is quite the opposite of boring and generic. I had to test this shoe, and I was quite impressed with it actually.

The first impression

The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt took around 5 to 6 days to break completely in. During these 5 days, there were excellent indoors, but I could not take them for any outdoor excursions. Once the shoe break in, it was all mighty and comfortable, just like any other Timberland boot. The company has introduced the anti-fatigue Technology, but that was missing from the shoe. However the comfort levels were exceptionally good, and I could wear them at a stretch for 10 hours or so without any fatigue.

The Shoe also fits in quite well. In fact, 79% of Amazon customers have rated it good in terms of fitting. However, the added weight of the shoe reduces its flexibility.Timberland Men’s Powerwelt also comes with the Timberland’s unique 30-day comfort guarantee. So if you can’t break in comfortably with the shoes, then you can always ask for a refund. But that won’t be the case.

Safety and protection

The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt comes with Steel toe, and it also provides protection from electrical hazards. The outer portion of the shoe is also oil, abrasion, and slip resistant, however, it lacks a puncture resistant sole.

Insulation wise, the Timberland Men’s Powerweltis quite insulated. If you are looking for a trusted winter boot, then they can work like a charm. However on the flip side, this would mean you’d have tobrace yourself for sweaty and uncomfortable feet during the warm temperatures in summer.

Design and style

 The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt has a very peculiar styling, and you’d either love it, or you would completely hate it. In my case, I really like the style. Thanks to abrasion resistance, the boot can look new for a long, long time. So if you are a person who totally destroys the exterior of a shoe, then this is your best bet.

Customer reviews

In general, the review for the Timberland Men’s Powerwelt has been mixed. Out of the 150 reviews on Amazon, it has anaverage rating close to 4.3 stars out of the maximum 5. The most popular feature of the shoe has of course been its ability to provide comfort and durability. Apart from the break in issues, some people have also suggested that you can wear this shoe for 3 years or so. But some have said that it falls apart right after few months of usage.

The final verdict

You can grab the Timberland Men’s Powerwelt for less than $100 depending on your size, and that makes it a very attractive proposition. The positives are of course the comfort level and the style. However, durability remains a question. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you a definitive answer on that part.

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