Timberland’s Men Hyperion Work Boots Review

It was just last week that I had received my pack of the Timberland power vent. The shoe was completely black and it was one of a kind from the Timberland Company. However today we are here to talk about a similar type of product and it’s called Men’s Hyperion from the same company and even this one is out of the box.

The shoe contains a unique color combination of Red, White, black and grey. It does not look like the traditional brown Timberland that we know. But, I was afraid that’s the shoe would not be waterproof at all, thanks to the color I guess.

The comfort factor

Since the product is from Timberland, you could never expect it to have a short break in period. And, I was right— it’s not as if they were uncomfortable on day 1 but it’s not like they were flawless too. It takes around 2 or 3 days before you get acquainted with the shoes.

The Hyperion also possesses Timberland’s exclusive invention called the Anti-Fatigue Technology. Well, it sounds very fancy but it’s actually just a set of tiny rubber cones that work as shock absorbers over the sole. Although there is an extra padding at every pivotal pressure point, so if you spend all day long working then the boots are perfect for you. The shoe also comes with the EVA midsole and that alone provides total comfort to the users along with proper flexibility.

The Shoe fits in quite well and users at Amazon have already given it an 83% approval in terms of fittings. Timberland also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the Hyperion.

The waterproofing

The Hyperion is acompetent waterproof shoe. It has been made with several stitched materials and the Gore-Tex looks quite unique too, considering its reputation.  The shoe did perform well when I splashed it into a puddle and it also did well during heavy rains. Maybe someone needs to test it in a river too.

Longevity and durability

The Timberlands are always famous for providing comfort; however when it comes to durability the company fails most of the times. But with the Hyperion,the company has turned a corner. Some customers have been using the shoe for a year and they are happy with its durability.Overall I believe the shoes can last for a long time


The issue only comes in one particular part, the shade of the shoe. The colour of the shoe did not go well basically with my whole wardrobe. But then again style is a matter of choice, what you must look for in a shoe is the comfort.

Customer reviews

Out of the 250 reviews, the shoe has got, it has received 4.4 stars out of the maximum 5 stars. 85% of the users have given 4 stars or better. The shoe’s positivity has been the comfort and the durability.

The final word

The Hyperion is comfortable and the waterproofing is quite good. But the color is the only thing which can hold you back. However, quite recently the company has also brought out the Hyperion in various other colors too, like black and blue. So you might as well want to take a look at that.

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